Island Style Glass
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Sushi dishes Kilauea Collection
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Bronze, gold  one of each left.jpg Bronze 8x8 in. $97.00.jpg Detail of lava ware.jpg SOLD Lava abstact $110.00 6x6in.jpg SOLD Sushi set.jpg SOLD Red and black $110.00 9x9 in. Tokyo, Japan.jpg Lava abstract.jpg Lava abstract $98.00 7x5in..jpg sold Lava flame sushi abstract 5x8 in. 140.00.jpg SOLD Lava abstract $98.00 8x5in..jpg Lava abstract 98.00 6x6in..jpg lava detail.jpg sold Lava  flame sushi Abstract $140.00 6x8in..jpg Lava  line sushi 140.00 6x8in.jpg Lava  line sushi.jpg SOLD Red firey Kilauea  sushi plate $198.00 9x9in..jpg SOLD Kilauea side.jpg Sold A unique gift for a Heart of Gold.jpg
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