Island Style Glass
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Sushi sets Hawaiian Garden Collection
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SOLD Red green Taro.jpg SOLD Taro leaf $350.00.jpg Kai water 9x9 in.  80.00 One left.jpg Taro leaf platter $335.00.jpg Collection.jpg Wasabi  bowl 2x2 in. $25.00.jpg Taro 7x7 in. $90.00.jpg Taro 4x6 in $74.00.jpg sold Fern platter 14 in. 335.00.jpg Taro leaf Sushi plates.jpg Kai 4.5x9 in 56.00.jpg SOLD Banana leaf reflection.jpg SOLD Antherium platter $300.00.jpg Fern detail.jpg Fern plate in morning sunlight.jpg Sold side view of geo spring.jpg Hawaii water colors.jpg side view.jpg
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