Island Style Glass
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Sushi sets Hawaiian Garden Collection Page 2
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Deep iridized turquoise 6inx10in $80.00.jpg Red green Taro leaf coaters 4.jpg sold Taro leaf.jpg Ocean sushi Thicker layered glass $125.00.jpg Taro sushi $74.00.jpg Red and green $74.00.jpg 3.5x3.5 in Taro Wasabi 30.00.jpg 2.5x2.5in shown next to 3.5x3.5 in. Taro wasabi.jpg Orchid Island sushi set with chopsticks $250.00.jpg Side.jpg Orchid hue.jpg 7x7 in. $125.00.jpg Orchid Island sushi set 8 piece $250.00.jpg Taro leaf 4x7 $74.00.jpg Taro leaves on red 4x7.jpg a 272.jpg
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